Welcome to TICKEY’s Website or Application! Our privacy policy is applied to all current and former customers and can be amended during different periods of times. We reserve the right to actualize and amend this policy at every given time with or without notice.

Your agreement

By providing your personal information and/or using our services, You accept this privacy policy and give your explicit permission for using and disclosing of personal information in the way described below. If you reject any of the possible utilization ways described below, please do not register!


At TICKEY we realize the necessity of the proper security and management of your personal and financial information that we get. We protect this information via encryption technologies and by limiting the access of employees to the data bases. We store data in an encrypted way on computers and we control the access through secure websites. Our security systems meet and / or exceed the standards adopted in the ways of protection of personal data under the PDPA.

Personal data collection

The information about You is being collected by:

You, directly from Your online request for registration, filling in the requested data when downloading the Application/ using the Services.

Registering via Your Facebook account – the information and data You have provided there and have decided it can be accessible when downloading our Application.


TICKEY is a registered Administrator of personal data in the Committee for protections of personal data.

According to the Law for protection of personal data TICKEY is obliged to manage your personal data safely and only with certain objectives. The objective of collecting data is providing our clients with services, provided on our website and high quality marketing and advertisement service. We can also use Your identification data (Your personal information) for analytics and for developing and improving our products, for renewing our archive, for conducting checks and market research etc.

TICKEY has the right to use the collected information for the following as well:

To communicate with You regarding your account, or to send you relevant and useful information about the website, including information about promotions, prices and services, provided by TICKEY.

To improve the quality of the services, to create more useful connections, to analyse client trends and to measure the demographics and specific client interests related to the website.

To provide quick and efficient service for the clients.

To maintain the operations in the website, to solve problems and disputes and to apply the website’s general terms, conditions and rules.

TICKEY can provide general, but not personal information, to third parties for the clients and visitors of TICKEY’s websites with statistics and analytics objectives.

You are providing your personal data to TICKEY so that services can be performed. By filling in your information, you give your permission to store, manage and transmit your personal data in TICKEY’s data base, as well as in the data base of the relevant provider. In the case of an eventual rejection to provide the requested data, we may not be able to deliver the requested services. The registered information is meant to be used by TICKEY and is provided solely to the following recipients: contracted operators, providers of the selected by the customer services and goods, banks, administrative bodies, provided that they need this information to perform administrative or judicial action.

The places where you’re filling in Your bank card information, are functionalities provided by the website of the bank that TICKEY uses and/or of the online payment system BrainTree ( TICKEY does not store any of your bank card and/or account data and does not have any access to it. In case you would like to familiarize yourself with the General terms and Privacy Policy of BrainTree, you can do this at

The provided personal data is completely secure and is used for marketing analytics and better understanding of customer needs, thus improving the quality of the provided service. Without the clients’ personal data it would not be possible to utlize the Service and the Application by TICKEY.

When a visitor/client performs a search on the website, TICKEY can save the information, identifying the visitor or linking them with their former search. TICKEY can remember limited information for every search, performed by a visitor/client and to use this information for resolving technical issues and for statistical analysis.

We reserve the right to reject the registration of a new client or to terminate or close a client’s account at any given time and to our own discretion, we reserve the right to terminate Your access to part or all of our Services, in case of violations of our General terms, Privacy Policy, as well as in case we consider You violate prevailing at the time of termination regulations, requirements and regulations, good commercial practices, and in the event of malicious acts to the Website of TICKEY or its clientele.

TICKEY has the obligation to not give out personal data information about its Clients to third parties. Provision and access to this data is only permitted in the cases, when

TICKEY has an obligation under a legal norm to provide the data to relevant government authorities, where such is duly requested by state authorities as appropriate; when the client has given explicit consent to the disclosure of the data, and where this is necessary to perform the requested / purchased service.

TICKEY is not responsible in case the Client himself has disclosed personal information to third parties.

The Client has the right to access and edit their personal data, cultivated by TICKEY, including their deletion and actualization, to prohibit their provision to third parties etc., under the conditions and terms of chapter V from the LAW of protection of personal data.

TICKEY uses advanced technology to protect all the information that goes through the Web site or application from unauthorized access. Despite the strict security measures we take, and the fact that it is not possible to exercise control over the security of the Internet as a whole, TICKEY cannot fully ensure that there will not be or not possible unauthorized access is possible to the data of the Customer or that no information will be provided in a case, which is not mentioned in the General Terms or this Privacy Policy, through no fault of TICKEY.

On the Website or Application customers can post reviews, comments, suggestions, ideas or comments regarding the content and structure of the site; may address issues if their content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory and/or affecting privacy, intellectual property rights of TICKEY and/or third parties; does not contain viruses; the client is not to make political/electoral campaigns, to not broadcast unsolicited commercial communications, mass mailings or any other form of spam. It is forbidden to use a false e-mail address or impersonation. TICKEY reserves the right to remove and/or edit such information. Any information that is sent through the contact form will be used taking into account the rules on protection of personal data.


The Client has the right to request the deletion of his data on the TICKEY plaftorm. This request can be done electronically by The Client through sending an email to The email has to be sent from the account The Client used for registration on the platform. TICKEY's policy is to promptly delete all data related to The Client on TICKEY platform. This includes payment data, personal travel data, profile data and any other personal data TICKEY might keep in order to provide it's service.


TICKEY observes the laws of copyright protection and expects its customers to do the same. TICKEY’s policy is to terminate, in appropriate circumstances, the client’s access or this of other account holders, who violate or are suspected of infringing the rights of copyright holders.